Documentation Guide

This documentation uses Sphinx. In this section you will find out how to build and localize this documentation.

It is configured to be deployed in multi-language environment using read the docs.


To build the documentation you need:

  • python and pip installed
  • make installed. You can install it using sudo apt-get install build-essential on linux.
  • You will need also to install these extensions, using pip
pip install sphinx
pip install sphinx_rdt_theme
pip install recommonmark


The main build, multi-language, is made by You can build the documentation in english, locally for testing, you can run:

cd docs # change directory in docs folder
make html # builds html version of the documentation

See the next section to see how to build the documentation localized.


To localize this documentation install sphinx-intl:

sudo  pip install sphinx-intl

Every time you have to update the translation files you have to update the .po files running the following commands:

cd docs # all commands must run in docs directory
make gettext # generates .pot files
sphinx-intl update -p build/gettext -l fr # generate .po files for fr lang

Then you can edit the .po files and commit them

To generate the documentation locally for the you can run (on linux)

sphinx-build  -b html -D language=fr source build/html/fr

This will generate mo files that should be ignored in .gitignore