Configuration GuideΒΆ

geOrchestra MapStore can be configured using the geOrchestra configuration directory.

The configuration directory is enabled through the MapStore datadir functionality. For more information on this, please look at the official MapStore documentation here

geOrchestra MapStore enables the MapStore datadir and in addition, uses the standard geOrchestra file from the geOrchestra configuration directory to inherit all the shared configuration (e.g. the database connection settings, LDAP connection settings and so on).

More in detail:

  • a lot of shared configuration properties are read from the geOrchestra file
  • a MapStore subfolder contains MapStore specific configuration files:

If the datadir is not configured / used in a particular environment, default configurations will be applied.

If the datadir is configured, but some of the above mentioned files are missing from it, a default fallback will be used. The fallback will look for files in the web application root folder (webapps/mapstore), so the configurations from the original mapstore war file will be used.

This allows the administrator to find a good compromise between two conflicting needs:
  • customizing your geOrchestra MapStore installation
  • allow an easy upgrade to newer versions

It is important to understand that if a configuration file is loaded from the datadir, it will not be upgraded when a new version of the application is installed, and any necessary upgrades should be done manually. So, our advice is: put a configuration file in the datadir only if you need to customize it. A particular attention is needed for localConfig.json: this is where the available MapStore plugins are registered, so, if you copied it in the datadir, you will need to manually add new plugins when you upgrade to a new version.

It is also possible to store dynamic files (files written by the MapStore UI) outside of the datadir, in a dedicated location.

Dynamic files are:
  • extensions.json
  • pluginsConfig.json
  • the dist subfolder

These files are updated by the extensions upload functionality.

To set a different folder for these files, you have to set the georchestra.extensions JVM option to the desired path. If not set, also dynamic files will be stored in the standard datadir.

More details about configuration aspects can be found in the following sections: