Database ConfigurationΒΆ

MapStore uses the geOrchestra PostgreSQL database to store resources saved by the application (maps, contexts, etc.). A specific schema, called geostore, is used for this purpose. The schema can be created / populated using the SQL scripts in the source code database folder here.

The database connection settings are taken from the geOrchestra configuration file, and mapped to internal configuration variables (e.g. ${pgsqlHost}).

In addition to that a file in datadir/mapstore is used for MapStore specific settings:

  • pgsqlGeoStoreSchema: schema used for the MapStore permissions database (Defaults to geostore)

Notice that you can also override other connection properties that are configured in, by putting them in All the properties that can be overridden are commented in the datadir file, so you can just uncomment them and set the desired value.

To configure the location the default georchestra environment variable is used (georchestra.datadir). For local development, this must be configured for the JVM: