User session management

Every user has its own session in MapStore GeOrchestra, where current state is saved, so that it can be restored the next time the user will visit the same context / map again.

A different user session is saved for every:

  • context (when the user is visiting a context)
  • map (when the user is visiting a map of the default context)

The following information are stored in the session:

  • map position (center and zoom)
  • TOC layers and their status (visible, invisible, etc.)
  • user extensions
  • favourites map templates

The user session is collected every 5 seconds and persisted in the browser localStorage: this means that a differenbt session will be available for every device / browser.

It is also possible to use a database persisted session (that will be shared by different devices and browsers of the same user). To enable database persisted sessions you have to change the localConfig.json userSessions section:

"userSessions": {
    "enabled": true,
    "contextOnly": true,
    "provider": "georchestra",
    "saveFrequency": 5000,
    "backupFrequency": 6

With this new configuration, the session is saved both on the browser localStorage, every 5 seconds (saveFrequency: 5000), and also to the database, every 30 seconds (every 6 local saves).

The user has the ability to restore the default configuration for the actual context / map combination using the “Reset session” item in the BurgerMenu.